9 Free SEO WordPress Plugins and Web Tools for Beginners

wordpressThe search engines are a primary source of traffic for most websites. Once website owners become aware of that fact, they find themselves wondering “which is the best SEO plugin for WordPress?”

Yes, as a content management system (CMS), WordPress by default is SEO-friendly. But there are several free plugins and tools that can not only improve your SEO rankings but help you increase your website’s traffic size as well. Improving your SEO efforts will help take your website to the next level.

Here are 9 of the best free SEO plugins:


Top 5 On-Screen Marketing Tactics to Enhance Mobile Conversion Rate

website conversionsA vast majority of the urban population in many countries around the world spend significant time indoor thanks to their digital presence and a larger portion of this time is spent on mobile. According to the latest report by ComScore 69 % of digital media time spent by users on mobile apps. In sharp contrast, desktop occupies less than one-third of the total digital media time spent by the users. This clearly shows that the users and customers of the future will be more active on mobile than elsewhere.

If you are having a business app this is the time to ask how much sales you generate through the mobile engagement of your users. After all, a mobile app is supposed to work as the most serious sales channel.

Let us explain some of the key on-screen marketing tactics that mobile apps should embrace for boosting business conversion.


Top 5 Best Online Resources to Learn Web Development


Web development can be a lot of fun, but most importantly, it’s a perfectly viable career path for many people nowadays.

The good news is that you don’t need to go to school for four years in order to start low and climb your way up as time goes by. With the resources available online (for free and paid) and determination, you can easily learn the craft of building websites from scratch.

Furthermore, you are the one establishing the pace! This means that, if you want to become a skilled web developer in the following year, it’s only up to you to make it so. True, it will take work, focus, and organisation, but nothing worth doing comes easily!

Not to mention that, due to the growing popularity of mobile devices, apps, and e-commerce sites, the demand for web developers is expected to increase by 15% by 2026!

So, if you are interested in becoming a web developer, we listed five of the most popular online resources that can help you start.


7 Logo Design Tips for Your New Brand

A brand logo is one of the best pieces of marketing you will need if you want your business to succeed. A logo is the identity of your business and builds an image of your brand in the public eyes. It goes on every piece of advertising and marketing communication you’ll ever create.

However, creating a logo that is eye-catching and tells a story of your new brand is vital. Fortunately, there are some tips to follow to achieve these goals. Below are some tips for building a new brand logo.


6 Extraordinary Benefits For WordPress Website You Should Know

wordpressWordPress development company controls about 33% of the world’s websites, from little close to your home websites to the intricate locales of significant partnerships, for example, Sony, Time Inc., the New York Post, and NBC. WordPress is just a single of the webpage developers the board framework clients can download and introduce for less cost; however, it has one of the kind highlights that make it the most prominent provider for the executives today.

Blogging, as a genre has traveled everywhere, majorly, WordPress. Since its initiation in 2003, it has gone from a basic and omnipresent blogging website to a favored and superior open source web improvement stage. It’s the most broadly utilized substance the board System and as indicated by Yoast, represents 20%-25% of every single new site. From Topnotch distributions, for example, The New York Times and CNN, music symbols, for example, Jay-Z and Katy Perry, to Fortune 500 organizations, for example, UPS and eBay, WordPress Designing and advancement has been looked for after. In case you are considering building another webpage, here are favorable circumstances of using a WordPress web composition.


Steps To Carry Out An Effective Branding Strategy

article marketingAn effective branding strategy is one that manages to transmit the values of a brand by creating an emotional bond with the customer. In the process of creating a brand, those attributes or tangible and intangible differentiating elements that provide the brand with a concept and make it an experience are defined.

You must have a good branding strategy to generate attachment among your customers.

What is branding?

Consumers are exposed daily to millions of advertisements that can be annoying. The objective is to have advert effect that is remembered, that is, that the client retains the brand and places it in his mind according to previously defined values.

To be a lovemark, it is essential to find an extra value that creates a link with consumers. By lovemarks, we mean brands such as Apple or Harley Davidson, which have managed to create a sense of brand.

Branding is a set of processes that are carried out to differentiate and identify a name, product or symbol from others. They define the values, vision, mission, visual identity and communications of a business.

Therefore, branding encompasses both the part of the business that allows us to identify it with the product or service, as well as the set of sensations, perceptions or experience generated by it and that will make it position itself.