What Are The Advantages Of WordPress Web Development For Businesses

wordpress hostingWordPress may be known to some as a platform for blogging but those who are still trapped in this mindset are missing out on a wide range of benefits. Businesses can hire top web development companies to assist them in reaching out to their target but WordPress web development is also key. The top corporations in the world are now relying on WordPress, in addition to top web development companies.

So why has WordPress web development taken on such an important role?


How to Understand What Brings People to Your Website

Search Engine OptimizationWhere search engine optimization is concerned, knowing the keywords that people use to discover your website is only the first step. It’s equally important that you know the reason behind those words – the thing those people actually want to find with their search terms. Here’s how.

Keyword research is only the first step in search engine optimization. It’s an important foundation, don’t get me wrong. At the same time, just as no site metric exists in a vacuum, keywords lose a lot of value if you understand nothing about the people typing them.

In short, you know what searches bring people to your site, but do you know why? 

Let’s say someone types in the search term ‘Tonka.’ Are they looking to buy a toy truck? To read about the Tonka brand? To research the 1958 Disney movie? To learn more about rocket fuel? 

Without further information, you simply cannot know. But you need to. Understanding search intent is critical to optimizing your site, and crucial if you want to provide your audience with the best experience possible. 

Let’s start with an overview of the different types of search intent.


Keep SEO Clients Longer and Happier in a Few Easy Steps

SEO clients

Retaining clients in SEO is crucial because campaigns are long-term, and results don’t just happen overnight. But the problem is, many of your clients are not necessarily going to understand this right off the bat.

So what is the solution to long term client retention, and for keeping your clients happy and onboard?

Ten years of SEO consultation and practice have given me the chance to get a lot of feedback from clients coming to me from other firms, and occasionally walking out the door. I ask all of them one simple question, “What went wrong?”

This simple and effective approach has yielded a wealth of helpful feedback and most of the answers involve what amounts to the following: Pushy, Over-Hyped, Confusing, and/or Dishonest…


That’s okay though. Rip off the band-aid and let the wound breathe.


6 Code Conversion Tools to Simplify the Web Developer’s Workload

designPeople who don’t know how to code often assume it’s a hard thing to do. People who do know how to code realize it’s not hard at all – but it’s often complicated. Luckily, it can be made simpler when you learn about code conversions.

This is true no matter the type of programming project you’re trying to accomplish, from simple coding works for WordPress to bigger projects: you will always find code conversion tools that can make things simpler for you; anything from a simple c pdf generator that will convert html to pdf c, to a full blown conversion script that can move your entire database to a different CMS.

In case you’re looking to do improve your workflow and save time and energy, start by checking the following list for tools that will help you start breezing through your projects like a champion:


Top 7 WordPress Themes for Web Developers 2019

wordpress themeYou might have heard “Love matters, and so do the looks.” It is obvious, but hey, I have got a newer version of that for web developers. “Content matters, and so do the design”. Now, I would say that’s an obvious point for someone who owns a website. Themes are an integral part of the procedure of developing a website. This creative procedure often stresses a great deal of vision and innovation. However, this quality alone cannot guarantee success but still, have a significant role.

We all love free WordPress themes, why? Well because they are free and awesome. The WordPress Developers frequently come up with new themes which make WordPress a very premium tool for website development. WordPress themes are so versatile that they can be used anywhere in spite of the planned tenacity of that theme. As a developer, this superfluity features will give you a blank opus. You will have everything to mold and shape your page, tailoring every detail in accordance with your specification. This is a luxury which past moguls could not afford, but you can afford it as they are available at negligible prices and become a wizard.

When bearing in mind public insight, you really don’t have room for the slovenly website, especially when you are a developer. Never rush into making decisions, as WordPress Developers creates imposing numbers of themes some of which are also available for free.

Let’s have a look into the top 7 WordPress Themes which every developer should consider before selecting.


Top 10 Metrics To Enhance The Performance Of Your Website!

website conversionsNowadays, organizations are making use of websites or applications to achieve their business goals.  The organization tends to make large investments on developing websites as they can reap more benefits from it. 

Some of the common benefits of using the website for business are they promote the brand across the World, grab more customers, boost up sales, improve reputation and reduce the risks faced by the customers while purchasing a product or service. Such websites must be managed well with the help of effective strategies to reap these benefits in their business. 

The performance of the website matters more for impressing the customers, increase traffic, higher SEO and so on. In order to increase the performance of the website, you must do certain metric analyses in it. Go through this article to know about crucial metrics that can increase the performance of your website.