Create Blog Content That Sucks In AdSense Cash – Get More From Those Clicks

If AdSense cash plays a role in your blog monetization model then you absolutely must know how to create content that pulls more expensive ads. When you write your blog you already trying to integrate your more important keywords into each of your posts (I do hope you do so), but why earn pennies when you can pull some real cash?

I don’t use AdSense on my blog as you can see but in this post I will show you completely “white hat” method to discover What Keywords will pull most expensive ads into your content and share a free tool you can use to discover them in a matter of minutes. This very same technique can be easily used for a profitable niche research if you are in that stage of your market research.

Know What Keywords Pay Well Before You Create ANY Content In ANY Niche Market!


Monetizing Your Blog Without Annoying Your Readers

If you are planning to earn from your bloggin venture (and I’m, as I believe that no effort should be wasted) you will find that it can be very hard to strike a nice balance between what brings you some cash and editorial content.

AdSense is one of the perhaps most overused sources of revenue and way too often I find sites that decide to plug in everything allowed by TOS onto their pages and as result we get legitimate blog looking like splog (SPAM blog created for AdSense revenue only). I have discovered a couple things that allow a reasonable balance and want to share at least one of them that has earned me $234.67 over the period of approximately 10 days and WITHOUT any effort on my part after placing the ad AND without annoying my readers. See the picture:


And read more of the story if this interests you …


Blog Mastermind Video For You

Yaro Starak released his Blog Mastermind program a few days ago and many people have joined to learn how he makes his $6k plus a month from bloggin. Yeah, he actually does and he is one of the few people who is not hell-bent on doing nothing but earn from his blog – John Ch** comes to mind – heh?

Yaro blogs for fun and gets profits from it. Here is a sneak peak video about his program so you could decide if it’s right for you or not. By the way, early bird price goes up soon, so if this is what interests you jump on board while price is still low.


Generating Guaranteed Income – Web 2.0 Style

Web 2.0 is popular, Web 2.0 is hip, Web 2.0 is fun …. but Web 2.0 is also very profitable. If my last statement something that doesn’t hit a chord with you might want to keep reading!

Doing anything for fun is great but how many of us would refuse an extra income guaranteed to come each and every month. This article is not about shamelessly scamming people just to get a buck or do something unethical but about doing what you already do best – create great content AND get paid for it. How much and how often determined only by your own efforts. [tag-tec]Web 2.0[/tag-tec] techniques are simply used for to increase your chances for success.

In this article I’ll be talking about Surefire Success System. If you never heard of it before now doesn’t mean anything, as it is brand-new and already producing some very solid results. I have joined this private membership site a few days ago and after testing confirm – YOU DO GET PAID, just as promised. And it is done using very ethical methods.

Obviously I’m not going to be giving away the cow on this page and will not share any details of the technique but what I will do is provide a quick overview of what this system is.

System is extremely simple and yet its inner workings are very solid and sound:

  1. You get yourself a guide with detailed explanation of what the system is and how to use it. It is essentially article marketing with a very unusual twist that I simply haven’t see till few days ago. A twist that guarantees that you get paid – no “if” or “but” about it. But it goes beyond that and teaches you how to generate multiple income streams reusing content in a very slick and ethical manner.
  2. Second part of the system is the membership site filled with tools to skyrocket the chances of success described in the guide. Solid community forum filled with members doing very same thing you do successfully and ready to support you when questions arise. And most importantly tools that use Web 2.0 techniques to help you promote each and every profitable article or piece of content you create and ensure maximum reoccurring profits.

Now perhaps the most important question: Can you accomplish same thing on your own?

Perhaps … basic information within guide is not a rocket science but the twist is something I would never think off. In my personal opinion just the guide itself would be worth simple one time payment of $47, add to it lifetime access to members only promotion tools which ARE the main part of the system and I don’t think you can loose.

Surefire Success System is one of the simplest and most effective ways I have seen to earn using ethical Web 2.0 techniques. Click here to learn more.