Peel Profits From Your Blog Video Tutorial

In this [tag]Video Tutorial[/tag] I will share a very effective technique I have been personally using on my blog since its inception. A marketing technique that has proven to be extremely effective and to date responcible for over $2500 of income generated by this blog.

While the number is not overly impressive – it is a hands off blog income. Set and forget type of strategy that each and everyone is striving for in their blog monetization model. What stopped me from sharing this before is that the script required some knowledge to install and properly configure that might have put it beyond many users. Well, now it’s as simple as copy and paste and will not cost you a dime!

So, start peeling the profits with this great Free Service! (click to singup) see the full post for Video Tutorial!


Great Banner Management Plugin for WordPress Just Released

wpadm1.PngStephen from just released his [tag-tec]wpAdMentor[/tag-tec] plugin. While I’m only getting ready to implement this plugin on my blog it shows some great promise. Stephen managed to combine all the options I was looking for in non-commercial plugin with ease of usage that accompanies all great [tag-tec]WordPress plugins[/tag-tec].

Some of the features I was looking for and provided by this plugin:


Do you vlog? Then Ditch The YouTube!

Youtube is popular and fun and if you vlog – can be a great source of traffic assuming you are creating your own videos. But using it exclusively you are actually doing yourself a great disservice!

Ditch that dump and use something better on your vlog! And no, I don’t mean not to use it at all but simply using it in combination with a more superior service, which creates a lot higher quality videos and Pays You!


Using Amazon Context Ads to Monetize Your Blog

Keywords within your content turned into affiliate links, most commonly known as Context Ads are some of the best converting ads you can use to monetize your blog and since they are a lot more relevant – they produce higher earnings for publishers. I personally use aLink plugin with ClickBank module activated to create context ads on this blog but there are many other options.

Kontera is perhaps one of the more known context ads networks but not every blog will be accepted into their publishers network. They have a required minimum of 500,000 page views a month for your blog prior to been accepted. So what do you do if you are “slightly” smaller?

How about using brand name recognition of Amazon and [tag-tec]monetize your blog[/tag-tec] using a trust they have already created with consumers? And get paid affiliate commissions not just some small peanuts for the click! Interested? Well, here is your step-by-step guide.


How Google Sandbox Affects Your Blog Monetization

The following article is my own speculation based on personal research and rejections, so before you decide to take anything for granted – please be advised: I’m only human. I’ll site the sources for some of the info I have used and you make up your own mind … I’ll start with a statement and then attempt to prove it.

Google Sandbox has direct impact on your blog monetization efforts.

Have YOUR blog been rejected from some of the major monetization sites, such as,, Then read on, perhaps I will shed some light on as to why …


Monetize Your WordPress RSS Feed

I’m one of the supporters of providing ONLY full feed RSS to my readers and feel it is extremely important as I don’t consider myself to be specially captivating writer. Full feed provides YOU (my subscriber) with an option to follow my posts from your favorite RSS reader or podcast Player (read more here on my RSS subscription options). And in my personal experience it didn’t decrease number of comments on my blog or the external interaction, people who liked my posts managed to find a time to actually visit the blog and share their thoughts.

But by providing a FULL RSS feed each blogger, including myself, intentionally decreases our chances to monetize our work and get some small reward for the work done. Well, here is good news for all of us – new plugin for monetizing our WordPress RSS feed.