Banish Low Balling Ads To Earn More With Your Blog

Making money with your blog is easy and actually almost automated once your blog gets a bit of age and ranking. This is mainly due to the fact that most blogs die a lot sooner than traditional websites and advertisers view them as “more volatile” investment but once you have proven that your blog is here to stay – You Got Yourself Blog Income Potential!

In fact I get nearly several requests each week for advertisements on pages of my blog. They come in multiple shapes and forms but have couple things in common, which we will get to in a bit. What I want to discuss here is YOUR blog goals, because it will help you identify which ads will stay and which will be declined!


Automated Blog Profits Guide

automated blog profitsWhile Automated Blog Profits is not one of my favorite topics I get so many questions on it, I decided to answer it once and for all and do it based on my personal experience. But before I will even proceed I need to make a disclaimer:

What you will create as result of following ALL or SOME recommendations in this guide WILL NOT make you an authority blogger. It will earn you income (I have tested each part of the strategy) but how much will depend on your efforts as with any internet venture.


Making Sense Of Google AdSense

AdSense is one of the most common ways for bloggers to earn from the blog – but should YOU use it? Or the variation of the question I receive on regular bases – “why don’t you use AdSense on your blog?

Answer to this one simple and complex at same time and perhaps by providing it here I will save myself some time answering it and help you determine if you should use AdSense on your blog…


What Is RSS And How You “Monetize” It

rss.pngPart 3 of the mini-series of posts dedicated to RSS technology and its benefits will build upon information shared in 2 previous posts:

… and in it I will not beat around the bush and want to concentrate directly on what is “near and dear” to every blogger – monetizing the RSS feed without loosing integrity of the blog and annoying our most precious readers – our loyal subscribers!


AdSense Is Not Dead And Here Is Proof

There have been a lot of talk lately about Google AdSense stopped been the true contender for income and while in many ways it’s true (I don’t use simply because affiliate links pay me more) it is still a valuable source of income for great many people. People who have no clue about other form of Internet Marketing or income and quite frankly – probably not even interested to get into all the complexity associated with it.

And just yesterday I read a story featured on USA Today “Gray Googlers strike gold” that I think is a great inspiration for people who are looking to not get rich but perhaps simply supplement their existing income in exchange for couple, three hours of daily work. But it goes beyond that …


ScriptDojo, The Deadly Art Of Profiting

One of the most common reasons we fail to succeed is the lack of appropriate prerequisites: lack of knowledge, lack of experience, lack of full information, lack of time, etc. In affiliate marketing it is most apparent when you attempt to sell a product you have never had a chance to see.

Not only do you risk to not make any sales but what is even worse – you risk to damage your reputation by recommending a product you have never seen and only base you recommendation on information provided in affiliates section or hype (an absolute no-no). But for every problem there is a solution … even though it is not perfect, it is very well implemented …