Should Bloggers Be Worried About Their Online Reputations?

To attain trust, authority, and a strong readership: These are the hallmarks of what a blogger hopes to achieve. Indeed, bloggers should be cognizant of how they are being perceived, who is following them, and how well the information in the blog is being disseminated.

Choices can be made by the bloggers who want to increase their chances of success:

Up Your Game: The blogoshere is filled with simplistic, obvious ideas. Your job is to be original and to get the reader to stop, think, and engage. The stronger blogger will elicit responses from the readers, and this feedback should reveal an engaged, thoughtful response.

By bringing in new perspectives, new ways of considering an issue, unique insights, and colorful commentary, a blogger can and will gain a stronger relationship with the reader. The blogger’s reputation will benefit, as well. Through internet reputation management, you can much more easily take a pulse on exactly how your blog is being perceived.


DIY Blog Marketing Tips

With hundreds of additions to the blogosphere each day, it can seem nearly impossible to make a blog stand out. Of course, there is always the possibility of hiring a blog consultant. However, many people choose to go it alone (at least in the tight-budget beginning). If you are one of those do-it-yourself blog marketing hopefuls, here are 26 tips to get you started.

1. Create a memorable domain name (stay away from hosted services – you don’t get to choose your own name). You can…

  • Go for a stand alone option –
  • Add to an existing site –
  • Utilize a sub-domain –


Tips and Tricks To Help Promote Your WordPress Site

Writing engaging content, practicing proper SEO and posting frequently are cornerstones to any WordPress blogging effort. However, these tactics will only get you so far. The real key to quickly increasing page views and building traffic is in-depth post and blog promotion.

While it might take a little additional time and effort, the results are undeniable. These four methods of blog promotion will help to drive traffic to any WordPress blog.

Article Directories

While the value of backlinks for page ranking and SEO have been questioned with recent Panda and Penguin updates, the networking and promotion aspect of generating backlinks is alive and well. When posting to article directories, such as Ezine Articles, always try to use unique content. This reduces the chances of article rejection.


15 Steps To Have An Effective Call To Action

What do you accomplish with a good call to action? Firstly, you’ll be letting your visitor know what he or she will get when they click your link. Secondly, you are imparting a sense of immediacy and urgency to the visitor, which makes your visitor act quickly. Here are 15 steps to create a most effective CTA.

1. Begin With A Strong Commanding Verb

Use action-oriented verbs words such as Download, Click, Find Out and so on to impart a sense of urgency. For example, use “Download Our Free Tool Now!” as your CTA instead of “Do you want to experience the power of our new tool? Know more here”.


10 Ways to Brand Yourself for More Success

One thing I have learned since I have been in internet marketing is that you have to “brand yourself” in order to become successful.  Branding yourself means to make yourself stand out from the rest.  Be the one people remember and go to when they need your products and/or services.  Build your reputation as the go to person in your field.

Branding yourself will take work, time and commitment but it is essential for your business success.  Below are some things you can start doing to start the branding process.


Does Sex Sell?: Racy Marketing

Guest Post By: Rick Lamont is a business analyst and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience.

Marketing and advertising firms have been using sexy imagery to promote goods and services for their clients for over a hundred years. We may think that billboards for Guess Jeans and television commercials for Victoria’s Secret are racy these days, but some tobacco and lingerie print advertisements in the late 19th century prove that when it comes to catching the attention of consumers, sex still sells.

Popular web hosting provider GoDaddy is no stranger to sexy advertising. While GoDaddy goes out of its way to ensure that web hosting is within easy reach of the masses, the majority of its customers are likely to be engaged in web design and development, an industry that is still predominantly male. GoDaddy is highly aware of its large male customer base, and to that extent it has managed to catch their attention with clever integration of sultry female models in their marketing campaigns. Sexy advertising has become a staple of the GoDaddy brand, so much so that Go daddy promo codes these days evokes images of race car driver Danica Patrick, professional poker player Vanessa Rousso, professional golfer Anna Rawson, and Russian-born linguist Marina Orlova.