Readymade Membership Sites Review

As someone who provides an option to get additional training that accompanies my main product using a membership model I know first hand how nice it is to get paid for your work on autopilot. Or to be exact – get paid monthly (or however often you set it to) for a sale made once. Membership sites are a model that many successful Internet Marketers implement and use for one simple reason – recurring profits, assuming that content is worth it.


But running a membership site is not simple if you try to do all the work yourself. In fact it becomes extremely time consuming, as I have learned first hand and requires a lot of effort. After all – to keep people subscribed we have to provide high quality information. There are several solutions to this and in this post I want to share one, created by my friend Anthony Hull that beats anything I have seen before…


Need AdSense Blog On Autopilot?

Warning: what I’m about to share will not help you to create an authority blog but it will generate huge amount of fresh content that you can monetize via AdSense and affiliate marketing. In fact I have debated on the idea of sharing this one or not for a last week but since I have tested it – I decided to let you make up your own mind.

AdSense (or YPN in my case) has never been a big part of my personal monetization strategy simply because I know I can get more from my content via other means but when I DON’T have to write a word and get additional income from it – it becomes a different story… and here is the kicker: It Is 100% Legal and according to All Copyrights! In fact authors love you for it and willing to send some traffic as was proven on my blog…


Howto Get One Way Links From High PR Sites

011_008.gifOne Way Links from sites with High Page Rank can give your blog or site a HUGE boost, especially if they link using your chosen keywords.

Statement above is a simple fact. Same as this one: getting one way links from sites with high PR is extremely difficult and for many competitive niches nearly impossible. Or Is It?

I have just finished evaluation and testing of a product that guarantees to teach you How To Get One Way Links From High Page Rank Sites, while spending no more then 30 minutes on the task. Are you up to the challenge? Then dive in and see my personal results…


WordPress AdSense System Review

was-ecovermedium.pngBefore I even begin with my review of Easy WordPress AdSense System created by Gobala Krishnan I have to mention that it is only second review of the blogging product I have done within almost a year. And believe me – it is not due to lack of products I seen. I purchased many to evaluate possible competition and get JV offers for others but sadly I have to say that most of them went directly into my virtual Trash Can.

That is why I was quite interested when Gobala asked me if I would like to review his product and offer to my readers and subscribers at discount Wink. Yeah, I’m an affiliate but that is the only way you can get the $30 discount, as this offer is not available to general public and time limited. But even affiliate commissions wouldn’t matter if I didn’t think the product was worth sharing with you. After taking the time to review his offer I can easily say that it’s worth the score of 5 out of 5 but you will have to read details on why…


TNX, New Text Links Marketplace Review

I few days ago I was approached with request for paid review of a newcomer to text link marketplace and one that is significantly differ from Text Link Ads and similar services. After a few days of using it, while I’m not 100% sold on it I find it very appealing and while only time test will show its effectiveness – right now I’m rather impressed.

In this review I want to concentrate on major benefits and outline a few minuses as well as discuss how you as blogger can benefit from it, and why you should at the very least consider trying it.