Advanced Twitter Marketing System

advanced-twitter-marketing-ebook-300Advanced Twitter Marketing System cuts through the crap that seem to be flooding the internet and delivers Twitter strategies that actually work! Better yet, they work by using common sense and knowledge that comes from years of experience!

Twitter has become so popular that everyone jumps on band wagon and since there are many new comers – there is demand for knowledge! Knowledge on how to use Twitter effectively for accomplishing whatever goals you have set when you joined it! And when there is a demand – offers didn’t make us wait long!

Problem is – majority of the “Twitter Guides” are pure crap that teaches variations of twitter spamming and shares info any person with common sense should avoid. Advanced Twitter Marketing is different in a way that it actually gives you knowledge that is genuine…


WordPress Banner Manager Plugin – OIO Publisher

Effective advertisement management on your blog is one of the more important aspects of earning as you only have limited space to sell. WordPress banner manager plugin I want to discuss today is actually quite a bit more…

  • It is a complete Ad Server that gives you full Control and Banner Placement flexibility
  • It is a solution that allows you to keep 100% of the income generated via sold ads
  • It is a marketplace for your blog, where advertisers can purchase ads on your blog directly

OIO Publisher is a plugin I will talk about AND I will give you a discount coupon to grab all that goodness! Just read on…


Stomping The Search Engines 2.0 Goes Digital

I was one of the few who got lucky and managed to get my DVD and magazine when Stomping The Search Engines 2 launched a few month back! I can’t praise it highly enough for the amount of educational material it provides.


Granted they had some issues with fulfillment but it appears to be all addressed now! Better yet – STSE2 went digital! Not 100% but it is a default option now and you can begin watching the entire training instantly after paying just $1!


5 Steps To Twitter Success

Twitter is THE HOTTEST topic on the web and within Internet Marketing community right now, problem is – it is getting abused. 5 Steps To Twitter Success is designed to help you avoid the mistakes and actually make Twitter a tool you can benefit from!

An interview with one of my favorite social marketing experts Dr. Ron Capps, this transcript designed to show you how to PROPERLY interact on Twitter and other social networks for fun and business. As all the short lived fads – those who follow the wrong advise get the short straw. Don’t let it be you. This is a guide you must read to succeed with Twitter in 2009 and for only $7 it is a no-brainer, or it was for me anyway! Grab your copy of 5 Steps to Twitter Success.

EasySellerPro Review

EasySellerPro was launched yesterday by Kim Standerline and perhaps was missed by many in the noise of many other product launches that currently happen. And yet I personally think that this one can be of direct interest to many Niche Marketers, bloggers and anyone who is trying to sell digital products online.

EasySellerPro Review post is here to help you have a more in depth look at the script and what exactly you can expect from it, perhaps even decide if the script fits your own online marketing needs or not.


Super Affiliate Blogger Review

Super Affiliate BloggerSuper Affiliate Blogger released by Gobala Krishnan managed to generate a few questions from my customers and subscribers and I decided to answer the questions and write a full Review on Super Affiliate Blogger.

In this article I want to share my personal view on what is good and what I have discovered to be a potential issue and you might have to watch out for and I also want to talk about what I personally think is the Greatest Feature of Super Affiliate Blogger product.

You might be surprised to learn what conclusions I came up with after reading, digesting and perhaps most importantly – Testing of the plugins that come with Super Affiliate Blogger product!

So, dig in and see what you will discover for yourself and make a decision if the product is right for you…