Niche Profit Classroom Webinar Invitation

A rare chance for you to get on FREE Niche Profit Classroom Webinar! Adam Short and Alen Sultanic are getting ready to launch NPC2.0 and will be extremely busy in next few weeks working with their paying members so I don’t anticipate you will have too many opportunities to participate in their webinar.

Now, Why Would You Care? Right?

Wrong! You don’t want to miss this webinar for a several different reasons…


Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop Invitation

Niche Affiliate Marketing System workshop is Not For Everybody. But if you have desire to succeed and get ahead with your online business and turn your “hobby” into a productive business generating for you that extra income you always wanted – this is Your Chance!

My friend and partner David Perdew organizing workshop that will run from January 30 to February 2nd and designed to force you earn by end of Sunday and comes with money back guarantee! Pretty bold statement but to ensure he stands to keep his promise he invited several prominent Niche Marketers to guide the participants through EVERY step: Willie Crawford, Jeff Herring, Mark Hendricks, Xavier Nelson, David Perdew, and myself – Alex Sysoef.

This is Not A “Pitch Fest” seminar but a WORKSHOP! Those who choose to participate will have to come prepared to WORK for Success!


Perception Matters!

imageThis post was written by Monika Mundell of Freelance Writing.

While mulling over ideas to post here for Alex on his WordPress Web 2.0 blog I came across some notes of mine I made a little while back. I was in the middle of updating my Portfolio site and tried to make a good job of it.

While looking at my brainstorming notes I thought why not make a post out of it.

I wanted you guys to see what type of process goes into creating a Portfolio site. This applies to anybody who offers a service of some kind. Whether you are a web designer, a graphic designer or a freelancer, it doesn’t matter.


If Napoleon Hill had been an Internet Marketer…

His “First Law of Success” – The Master-Mind Principal – may well have defined the direction, power and success of Internet Marketing forever.


Can you even begin to imagine how different the world of internet marketing would be today if Napoleon Hill – the iconic author of “Think and Grow Rich” – had lived during OUR generation?

Tens of thousands of pseudo-IM’ers and countless other pretenders-to-the-pixel-throne would’ve ceased to exist – “intellectually vaporized” by the gargantuan power of Napoleon Hill’s divine formula for unlimited riches and prosperity known as…

… The Master-Mind Alliance …


Podcast: How To Create And Market A Best Selling Info-Product

Making your Memorial Day weekend a bit more interesting I’m adding a podcast interview conducted by Louis Allport with J.F Straw specifically on just one subject: How To Create A Best-Selling Info-Product! Never heard about him?

Since just one of Jim’s (many) products has brought in over $3,000,000 in sales … he really does know what he’s talking about. Here is just a little background on him:

jimphoto-graphic.gifOver the past 30 years, J.F. Straw has written well over 300 books, booklets, manuals, reports, courses and articles about doing business ­ all based on his own personal, hands-on experience. His writings are “specific” methods, techniques and approaches to doing business that anyone can use to start or expand their business.

Then three years ago, Jim decided to start selling some of his products over the web … and even though some affiliate directories still won’t list his site (they consider it too simple-looking) it now brings in around 50% of his annual revenue.

And since his company’s annual revenue is in the millions of dollars … you do the math! Visit his site here: