Bad Habits That Sabotage Your Productivity At Your Workplace

When you get to the office in the morning, you may grab a cup of coffee and head straight to your inbox.

From there you move over to Twitter and then drop some messages on Facebook. What comes to mind next, the latest Justin Bieber’s video on YouTube. Before you can realize what you are doing the day will be long gone. The funny thing is that when somebody calls, you go like: “Dude, I am so busy I can’t even talk”

There are many other habits that many of us have formed that do nothing but sabotage our productivity. Among these habits are:


Defining Your Homebased Business Goals And Needs

Your goals for a homebased business or internet marketing is what should be a defining point in your action, skip this and you will fail, identify it correctly and your efforts will be greatly rewarded by success that could be far superceeding your initial goals.

And to illustrate my point I want to share a personal story, story I don’t tell too often but one, that has led me to success that went FAR BEYOND my original goals. Perhaps what I share will help you make some sense of what you are currently doing and what your plans will be in near future.

This is just a personal story, so please take it as such and let me know what you think, share your own story!


How To Schedule Time Out

taking time outAnyone who has ever run a business will tell you it is a huge drain on your time, versus working for somebody else. When you work for somebody else’s company, you turn up in the morning, do your job, and then go home, most of the time without having to worry about the job until the next day.

However, when you are running your own business this is almost always never true. When the complete success and stability of a business is solely your responsibility, and that business is also your family’s main source of income, you will often find that you can be working 14-18 hours a day.


7 Tips To Be A Great Leader

how to be a great leaderSome people are born leaders, whilst others have to work much harder at it. Regardless of whether you are new into management at work, lead a team of Web Warriors, or whether you have just been made the captain of your local football team, these tips should help you become a great leader.


App By App – Life of A Digital Nomad

digital nomad lifestyleDigital nomadism, a dream many have, few experience.

What draws some people into the lure of the big wide world while others are happily working for a boss for the rest of their working lives? The answer of course lies in your own beliefs. What might be someone’s idea of Just Over Broke (J.O.B.) is someone else’s belief of living a secure life.

Go figure…


Top 8 Power Tools Of A Digital Nomad

In the age of technology a lot of people choose the Internet to fund their lifestyle. I happen to be one of them. But despite the great opportunity we have when working online, there are certain things to keep in mind if you want to run your life (and your business) seamlessly – especially when you are on vacation.