3 Important Business Metrics

How do you determine if you’re treading the right path in your business? Measuring it by profit is of course obvious and expected. But profit is not the only determinant as to how your company is going to perform or how your company is performing in this day and age. Here are three important factors to measure:

Social Media Engagement

Engaging on social media doesn’t just mean garnering a huge following. Engagement also means the following:

  • Number of shares, likes, repins, reblogs, retweets, responses you have to a post (including blogs)
  • Amount of support you provided or number of questions you answered on social media
  • Reviews you get online
  • Number of brand mentions


5 Steps to Building a Strong Freelance Brand for Beginners

The internet has been a blessing for professionals in numerous industries. One group of professionals it has benefited a great deal is freelancers. From writers and photographers to editors and designers, it has opened up opportunities that were traditionally very difficult to grasp. For today’s freelancer, the sky is virtually the limit, and the internet and its seemingly endless resources make this possible.

Thanks to the internet, the opportunities for freelancers are more abundant than ever. However, succeeding is not as easy as this introduction may suggest. Whether it’s programming software or building website, freelancing is fiercely competitive and this factor alone often makes for a rather challenging journey.

Consider these five steps the key ingredients to building a strong and successful freelance brand.


Shattering the Status Quo

How today’s young entrepreneurs approach business a bit differently 

By Chris Wallace

Not that long ago, it was accepted practice for CEOs and top executives of highly successful companies to wear finely tailored suits and top dollar outfits to important meetings. And those meetings were typically held in meticulously designed boardrooms that either subtly or blatantly flaunted the business’ success. But ever since the dawn of social media success stories and the explosion of 20-something multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, those traditions have been turned on their ears.


10 Ways to Lose the Sale

Remember the old saying “Good Salesmen are Born”.  Well, anyone can become a good salesperson if they can learn and master the basic sales skills.  Sales techniques have dramatically changed over the years.  Gone are the old school selling methods of talking incessantly and pushing a customer into a sale.

Selling now involves listening to a customer, making a connection and giving the customer what they need.  Today’s skilled salespeople are self-confident, persuasive, attentive and able to build relationships of trust and respect with the customer.

There are many closing techniques that can be used to make the sale but watch out for the ten sales blunders listed below:


What Is Affiliate Marketing

Earning an income as an affiliate marketer is more than people may know about. For one thing, it is a good way to earn an extra income, and for another, you don’t require a lot of income to start. That is a sure way to make money working from home on a small budget or none at all.

So what is affiliate marketing all about?


How to Find and Train Employees Online

Online businesses have a decisive advantage over offline ones, provided they have the skills, knowledge, and patience to leverage them. One fairly obvious advantage is the likely absence of a lot of normal expenses that an offline business must pay – such as rent for an office or storefront, and the associated utilities. You will likely need to find and train employees online, however. And this brings with it a whole new set of problems. How do you find reliable, hard-working employees online? Furthermore, how do you train them without having them physically present at a training seminar or session?

There are a lot of misconceptions about finding employees online, and a great deal of tactics that, from personal experience, simply don’t work. If you want to find the employees you need to make your business successful, start with the place where these employees learn the skills necessary to be successful.