How to Protect Your Data When Working Remotely

Mobile networks and Wi-Fi enabled devices have forever changed the way the world goes to work. Business executives are finishing expense reports at cruising altitude, and stay at home moms are creating home businesses during nap times. With telecommunication, the possibilities have expanded immensely, and now we can all work anytime, anywhere, as long as we have an internet connection and a device. Companies no longer have to make office space for every employee, and software allows them to track hours and work done remotely by their staff.

Cloud computing and storage sparked the revolution in taking work out of the office, and the wave continues to grow as more and more apps and software programs are developed to help burgeoning home businesses and on the go entrepreneurs. Not only can employees check in, complete and exchange work on the go, but they can use their arsenal of business tools and apps on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to do everything from manage websites to run their stores.


Online Security Solutions for Home Businesses

The initial emergence of the Internet saw the largest of companies truly succeeding online as skills were scarce and expensive, and knowledge on how to actually conduct business online was low. This, of course, is no longer the case as small and home-based businesses all over the world are establishing a strong presence online.

This explosion of wealth being traded online has a dark side as the Internet is a place where opportunity meets up with ignorance, and this breeds crime. If even the biggest companies can’t protect themselves from online security breaches, what chance does your small team have?

More of a chance than you think – and I’m not talking about hiring an expensive security team!


How to Earn the Extra Income You Need for Your Paid Marketing

I get curious why many bloggers aggressively do affiliate marketing in the hope of making quick cash as fast as furious. As we all know, making quick cash in affiliate marketing is not the same as the yester years where anyone could make easy money. For instance you’ll find brilliant bloggers rushing to affiliate marketing industry without any credible experience of the know-how.

Disclaimer: If you find a blogger putting sweet words in your mouth about earning BIG money online without experience, kindly brush him/her off, and tell that person to get a life.

Let’s proceed

Well, in this article I’ll talk about how you can take some of your blog profits and invest in binary option trading. I know the word trading sounds scary… but hat should not worry you because you’re in safe hands. Just a quick one let me define what is binary option; ‘’ It’s simply a type of option where the returns is either some fixed amount of asset or nothing at all’’ Just as simple as that.

This content targets bloggers who make real profits from their blog sites. Why do I say ”Real Profits”? as we all know trading financial market is a risky investment and if you have money to risk, Please don’t try this at home or at work. Period.


3 Important Business Metrics

How do you determine if you’re treading the right path in your business? Measuring it by profit is of course obvious and expected. But profit is not the only determinant as to how your company is going to perform or how your company is performing in this day and age. Here are three important factors to measure:

Social Media Engagement

Engaging on social media doesn’t just mean garnering a huge following. Engagement also means the following:

  • Number of shares, likes, repins, reblogs, retweets, responses you have to a post (including blogs)
  • Amount of support you provided or number of questions you answered on social media
  • Reviews you get online
  • Number of brand mentions


5 Steps to Building a Strong Freelance Brand for Beginners

The internet has been a blessing for professionals in numerous industries. One group of professionals it has benefited a great deal is freelancers. From writers and photographers to editors and designers, it has opened up opportunities that were traditionally very difficult to grasp. For today’s freelancer, the sky is virtually the limit, and the internet and its seemingly endless resources make this possible.

Thanks to the internet, the opportunities for freelancers are more abundant than ever. However, succeeding is not as easy as this introduction may suggest. Whether it’s programming software or building website, freelancing is fiercely competitive and this factor alone often makes for a rather challenging journey.

Consider these five steps the key ingredients to building a strong and successful freelance brand.


Shattering the Status Quo

How today’s young entrepreneurs approach business a bit differently 

By Chris Wallace

Not that long ago, it was accepted practice for CEOs and top executives of highly successful companies to wear finely tailored suits and top dollar outfits to important meetings. And those meetings were typically held in meticulously designed boardrooms that either subtly or blatantly flaunted the business’ success. But ever since the dawn of social media success stories and the explosion of 20-something multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, those traditions have been turned on their ears.