BlogSell Webinar Video Replay

Last night free webinar with Pro-Blogger and Entrepreneur Gobala Krishnan went way past its original mark and lasted for nearly 2 hours.

On multiple requests I have recorded the webinar presentation as well as Q&A session and you can now access it here. Please keep in mind that discount offer provided by Gobala is limited in nature and I will remove it shortly.

How To Get Paid Blogging About Your Hobby

Would you like to get paid blogging about something that you love? For some reason lately if someone talks about the subject of getting paid blogging, they automatically assume that you have to sell out and write reviews for some ad networks…

While it can be done that way – in my mind it is a bad way to do it!

Granted you can get paid upfront for every post you write but the beauty of the blogs lies in opposite direction from that model! People flock to the blogs for several reasons, one of which in my opinion is unbiased information about the topic they are interested in! People look for information from trusted sources, from real people just like them!

Your goal as a blogger is to become that trusted source and deliver on expectation!


Make Money Blogging Blueprint


I’m not going to start digging for truth on “WHY” but the number of people interested to make money blogging grows at a fast pace and yet – most will fail, not able to even earn enough to cover hosting expenses. While the topic of blogging to make money is extremely extensive and there are many products that will teach you how, including my own (Expert WordPress), I want to write about what should be an absolute MUST have basics in order to succeed.

So dig into learning…


Google Text Ad Impact On Blog Earning

A misconception exists that Google Text Ad, or as it is more known AdSense, is bad for you blog earning! I think we absolutely MUST clear this mistaken misconception especially for people who are just joining the ranks of bloggers.

Blame the economy or rising awareness of the tools available to people but blogging to make money is becoming increasingly popular and people are on constant look out for the information to help them increase the potential, maximize the opportunity and actually become that 5% of the bloggers who succeed of getting a bit of extra from their blogs.

And while I don’t implement Google AdSense on this blog – there is a good reason behind it and I want to explain in detail “the why” and “the how”!


Learn How. Make Money Blogging Is Easy!

When you know how, make money blogging process becomes extremely easy. It only takes a few basics in place and in appropriate order. In fact blogging to make money is just as simple as blogging for the sake of sharing information – because it is the MAIN objective:

Deliver Quality Content that Provides Answers Or Solutions

There is no “black magic” behind process, no super secrets. It is all based on common sense and on the fact that you have to give first in order to receive!

So exactly How Make Money Blogging?


Want To Make More Money Blogging? Broadcast Your Blog!

Turn One-Time Visitors Into Active Subscribers with AWeber Email Marketing
If you are blogging to make money by providing quality content and serve your niche (and no, it doesn’t have to be just the “make money blogging” niche) you are loosing HUGE portion of possible income by not utilizing blog broadcast!

Blog broadcast is one of the simplest forms of email marketing available to you to give a huge boost to your bottom line and yet, it is one most often overlooked. I know it is not that easy to part with an additional $19.99 per month that quality autoresponder will cost you but if you put any type of effort into doing it right – these money will return to you within first couple month and will begin not only pay for itself but make you more profitable blogger!

So here is how we will do it…