Publish Blog To Kindle For Extra Income And Recognition

In today’s post I want to discuss a very simple and logical step for any regularly updated blog – publish blog to Kindle and get the extra income and recognition you deserve. Kindle marketplace experiencing tremendous growth and people constantly search for relevant content and information they can access with their devices, which makes it only logical to offer quality content you create to this market.

Best part of all – it doesn’t cost you anything! See my blog as an example:

publish blog to kindle

But it does have a potential to generate you recurring income on a complete autopilot, once you complete the steps outlined in this guide.


Duplicate Content Controversy – Check Before You Believe It

Duplicate Content penalty is one of the most misunderstood and at same time one of the most abused topics in Internet marketing and blogging. It is being “sold” as a proven fact by many looking to sell some form of a “solution” to others, not willing to take time to check the claims…

But I KNOW You Are Smarter Than That!

Last Google algorithm update only added to this controversy and created a new frenzy around the topic. And while I’m not going to argue that UNIQUE content will outperform Private Label Rights articles I would like to invite you into a quick facts checking process.

Shall we see what is truth and what is fairy tales?


Autobloging Out Of Desperation? Stop!

Autoblogging and recurring blog  income on autopilot go hand to hand, right? At least this is what you hear time and time again…

But is it really? Just how much are we willing to compromise with our principals in order to get an extra dollar?

Unfortunately in theses trying times many people become desperate and fall easy prey to promises of instant riches on complete autopilot that they are exposed to. Seeing popularity of the topic I see more and more marketers jumping on band wagon and providing “solutions”.

While there is some merit to the autoblogging approach, and I in fact use some strategies myself and recommend some to my subscribers, many of the offers I have seen are nothing more then Spam Blog Creation machines that steal other people’s content and it is presented to you as solution to your money problems!


Blogging Taxes Are Here

I guess something like this was just a matter of time and something we can expect others to implement, UNLESS it is stopped by making it public knowledge:

City Of Philadelphia Demands $300 Tax From Each Blogger

…just for the privilege to write! If this is not a direct assault on Freedom Of Speech – I don’t know what is! Yes, granted they didn’t tell bloggers to stop writing but knowing the statistics on income average bloggers generates – $300 tax a year in addition to all other taxes imposed on bloggers will effectively silence them!

Consider this…

How to Turn Your Content Into an Income Stream

Image of Article Writing from Twitter
Image of Article Writing

Guest post by Corry Cummings

Content is the undisputed king of the Internet. Nothing drives traffic to a web site and increases profits like a well written piece of content. However, it’s not all good news. Content is difficult to write. Even if you have a great deal of experience as a writer, not having experience as an Internet writer can make even the best technically written content relatively worthless. You spend a lot of time creating content that is valuable to your readers. Now it’s time for them to start giving back. You need to learn how to turn your content into an income stream. This assumes that you are providing an article that is valuable to your readers and well written but are not seeing profits.