The Personalities Of Blogging

blogging personalitiesSome bloggers can be a funny breed of people. On my travels across cyberspace I have seen a lot of different personalities. These personalities can often fit into one of the following descriptions below.

The leading blogger

The leading blogger is what many of you refer to as the guru. He is commonly seen as the man/woman with the money and control over his/her domain.

As it happens, leading bloggers rule the roost. If they say jump, people jump. If a leading blogger states that β€œvanilla ice” is the coolest thing since sliced bread – guess what – it will be for most of his avid fans and followers.


Are You Catering To Desperate Buyers?

desperate buyersA huge part of your online marketing efforts will be wasted if you don’t target the right keywords to start with. Unless you target desperate buyers in your marketing campaigns you will never strike it rich in any of your ventures. This is one of the biggest reasons why most wanna-be marketers fail to make money online.


This Week I’ll Be Homeless!

ocean-beach-clubOh, my! For the first time since I stopped working as Alaska crabber – I’ll be homeless! What is even more – my family will be sharing with me all the hardship associated with living in Ocean Beach Club resort for almost entire week πŸ™‚

My old house is sold and will be signing final papers next Monday while buying new house will be only done on next Wednesday so I have a few days to live without the home – since the subject.

This post is a very simple note that more than likely my posting to the blog or any other activities will be limited.

2010 Winter Storm Notes

2010 Winter storm hit South East, specifically Virginia Beach with a very expected consequences:

  • Public school system shut down and my son got himself extra couple days off (so far..)
  • Entire region in panic mode
  • Roads are horrible since nobody is ever prepared for the snow

But perhaps best of all and my favorite – people got to enjoy the snow! It will be a short lived fun for sure since the temperatures are already going into plus category and snow will melt – right now it is a blast for kids!

Here are a few pictures I took right outside the house…


My Unintentional Long Absence

After receiving a few emails through contact form I figured I better write a quick post on Why I haven’t posted in a while.

No! I do not plan to retire and I have every intention to continue providing information, same as I did before. Reason for my absence and lack of posting is very simple…

I put my house on the market right before the Christmas, got it under contract right after New Year and now I’m quite busy dealing with all the things that has to be done since house was FSBO and I’m responsible for handling the seller part.

Not to mention that I still don’t have a place to move my family to πŸ™‚ Needless to say that my wife is slightly anxious and I spend a lot of time looking at properties and concentrating on family but I will be back in full swing once the dust settles.

Thank you everyone for the emails! I promise – I’ll Be back!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today’s post is very simple and caries only one reason – wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving in US is a great holiday where we all get together and give our thanks for what was provided to us and what we have accomplished among other things.

Today I want to give my thanks to you – My Reader!

It is your ongoing support that makes my blog successful even though sometimes I fall behind on delivering information you expect! It is your ongoing participation and comments that provide me with inspiration and ideas on what to create. And it is your support through purchases on my recommendations is what permits me enjoy the income stream from sharing my experiences and my knowledge!

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the Holidays and your turkey feast, if you are living in USA!