Instant Blog Cash – Get Paid For Every Visit To Your Blog

ibccdsmall.jpgAll genius is simple – an absolutely true statement when it comes to product details on which I’m about to share with you. In fact simplicity was so mind blowing I couldn’t believe it at first …

A fellow marketer Dallas Carter came up with an idea that turned into solution that 100% guarantees you get paid each and every time someone visits your blog or site without those visitors even knowing that make you money. How perfect is that?


Web 2.0 Wealth Beta Testers Report In – See What They Have to Say!

produc_group_small.jpgIt’s been almost 2 weeks since I have announced recruitment of Beta Testers Group for my brand new product “Web 2.0 Wealth Unleashed”. My deepest gratitude goes out to each and every person taking part in testing and providing me with such a superb and detailed reports.

Several minor issues were identified and couple small bugs that I was able to address in final version and one issue was reported by a tester on Mac, which I and couple of my friends who have Mac’s were unable to duplicate …

As result of feedback I have actually increased the amount of information included in final version and all thanks to beta group! You guys are simply awesome!!!


Web 2.0 Wealth Announcement – Beta Testers Get It FREE

After much work I’m ready to announce my new product – Web 2.0 Wealth, and I want to provide you with an opportunity to get into one of the 10 spots for beta testing. Participating in BETA testing will give you an entire product at no cost in exchange for some very small favors that I promise will not compromise your integrity. But first, let me explain what the product is and how you can benefit from it …

box_small.gifWeb 2.0 Wealth is a complete package that is designed to enable EVRYONE to build a complete Web 2.0 ready portal using WordPress and start earning from it within first week. I do not attempt to make statement that I will make you rich. What I do promise is to provide you with tools to do it with, complete video instructions on How you can accomplish it and make it simple enough that even complete technical newbie can get it done.

Reciprocal Review Carousel

Nothing boosts your blog popularity better then other blogs linking back to you. I know because I have participated (and still am) in Viralink exchange. Superb idea that boosted my rankings in Technorati in a matter of days. And I want to build on this idea but do something different and something that will be greatly beneficial for your Google Rankings.

In this strategy we combine the best Web 2.0 communities have to offer with a solid linking strategy and capitalize on our need to share. After all – web 2.0 is all about communities of like-minded individuals sharing what is common and this is simply a chance to make it even more beneficial to your readers by providing valuable resources and getting some targeted viral traffic. If your Business relies on AdSense for revenue , it is essential to have a good linking strategy and this can be used as How to get it implemented on blogs.

WordPress 2.2 Theme Release – FH-Freedom-Reloaded

fh-reloaded1.jpgFH-Freedom-Reloaded is a re-work and modification of “FH Freedom blue 0.2” theme released by Frank Helmschrott. I was very impressed by the theme but have found that it was incompatible with WordPress 2.2 and widgets system integrated into new version. There was also an issue with many things being in German and some CSS issues.

To make story short – I have adopted the theme for one of my projects, fixed the functions to make it fully compatible with latest [tag-tec]WordPress[/tag-tec] release and modified columns layout and CSS styling to suit my needs. Unfortunately I have decided not to continue developing project it was intended for and since the theme is ready – I’m releasing it for your enjoyment.