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A2 Hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discounts

a2-wordpress-hostingA2 Hosting just announced its one of the biggest sales of the year:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discounts!

As all good things do – this promotion has some limitations and if you are looking for a new and good host for your site or WordPress blog, you need to make sure you act within those limitations.

So without any further delays, here is the deal!

Black Friday Discounts:

The following discounts will run between 11/24-12/2:

  • Shared Hosting – 67% off with code: BFCM67
  • Managed and Core VPS Hosting – 50% off with code: MANVPS50
  • Reseller Hosting – 40% off with code: RESELL40

Cyber Monday Discount:

The following discount will run on 11/28 only:

  • Sprint Dedicated Server (Unmanaged, Core and Managed) – 25% off with code: SPRINT25

And here is the best part – all discount codes will be applied automatically to your order, as long as you proceed with purchase of defined hosting plan during the specific dates! So don’t delay – get your own hosting now!

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3 Fantastic Reasons to Integrate WordPress with Salesforce

wordpressWordPress is one of the content management systems that have ever been created. Salesforce on the other hand is the world’s finest customer relationship management system. Combine these two tools and you will have yourself a powerful system in place, right? It makes a lot of sense to integrate WordPress with Salesforce- assuming of course that you are using WordPress as your CMS. There are many other CMSs that you can find around. WordPress is however favored because it is simple to use and it has a whole lot of features to offer its users.

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Producing Original Content and Why it is Necessary to Protect it

There is a myriad of blog posts that cover a broad range of topics available online. Most of these articles are just different versions of a single content. Even with countless topics to talk about, there seems to be a lack of creativity and originality in these posts. So, let’s talk about original content, how to make it great, and why protecting it from being used over again without your consent is important.

Great content vs. original content

The possibilities of producing great content are endless. But writing great content can be challenging. The writer will have to put in time and effort to come up with a piece that is informative, appealing, and coherent. Otherwise, the writer will risk writing an article that is poor in quality. Not giving the write-up enough thought will ultimately defeat its purpose of delivering a message to an audience.

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Six Free SEO Tools That Every Business Should Use

Your Internet Reputation Could Be Scaring Off Readers - WordPress Howto Spoter Pic 1In the contemporary business environment where every business has to fight on a daily basis to improve its search engine result visibility, it becomes imperative for it to use a number of tools to monitor and analyze its performance on the web. While there are obviously expensive analysts and tools available that can do a good job, every small business should first use some of the very handy free SEO tools to save a good deal of money. Some of the top free tools:

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4 Basic Approaches Of Enhancing SEO On Your Business’ Social Media Platforms

Your Internet Reputation Could Be Scaring Off Readers - WordPress Howto Spoter Pic 2Social media is no longer just a platform for interaction; it has fast become a business tool, especially in marketing for small businesses. The platforms provide an inexpensive marketing channel where businesses are able to push their products to their social links and followers, and get instant feedback from their customers and target market, and tweak the products to further meet their needs.

However, optimizing your social media profiles is not just about having a presence, but there are some basic principles to be observed in order to achieve search engine optimization. These are;

  • Choose a befitting name

Note that “your name is indeed your brand”. The name you choose will be the name that you will be known by on the social platforms. The first name that you use is also the main name that Google will identify you with and the name that the profile will be ranked with.  With this in mind then, you are able to avoid repetitive or generic keywords as these may be viewed as spam and ward off potential clients.

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What Everyone Should Learn From Yahoo Security Crisis

socialmediasecurityguideEver since Yahoo revealed that over 500 million accounts were hacked in the past one year, the media sites have been breaming with news. With some criticising their security policies and others warning users to keep an eye on the common security measures, it is apparent that some critical lessons that ought to be learnt aren’t being given closer consideration. Many media sites are focusing on the negativities at the expense of critical lessons, which are essential to businesses and consumers alike. So which are some of these lessons?

It’s more about data than money

With advancement in this information era, the criminal trends are shifting from stealing data to stealing private information. Apparently, most hackers are concerned with big data from people’s private lives. What does that mean to the average consumer? Enhancing security of your computer system is a key priority. You should always be in the alert when it comes to protecting finer personal information.

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